Raise and Give stunts throughout the years

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a classic RAG stunt.

It was the evening of 14 November 1967 and Bath police station was receiving calls at a rate of one a minute concerning a mysterious UFO. The emergency services were scrambled and hundreds of people gathered in the streets to gaze at the 40-foot object hovering above the city before it sped off in the direction of Warminster.

But this proved to be no Close Encounter of the Third Kind. The cause of the excitement was revealed to be a fundraising stunt by 10 Biology students at the University of Bath and dubbed by local and national media as the ‘hoax of the year’.

RAGWith the bar set so high, the Bath student RAG (Raise and Give) activities have grown in scale and creative ambition over the decades.

We’ve had attempts to break world records for see-sawing and unsupported human chains. There has even been an alleged plot to ‘borrow’ the Minerva’s Head at the Roman Baths.

Students have hauled a Fiat 500 round the city streets with muscle power alone, and raced more than 1,000 rubber ducks down the River Avon. In recent years, RAG activities have even resulted in a wedding.

In the last 5 years alone, RAG activities have raised a stunning £391,269.35 for a range of charitable causes. As impressive as that sounds, Bath RAG has plans to smash its targets with bigger and better events and a whole lot more fun.

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