It’s a dog’s love!

Who would have thought that a pair of whippets could help people with Alzheimer’s?

This heart warming pic is just one of a series of inspiring and beautiful images of research, produced here at Bath.

It tells the story of two whippets, Dave and Higby, and how they are bringing a lot of love to people suffering from Alzheimer’s.dogs

Caroline Hickman, in our Department of Social and Policy Sciences, has been studying the dogs to show how the relationships that Dave and Higby form with people at Alzheimer’s Support day centres can have a lasting impact.

She’s learning how people with Alzheimer’s can become ‘free of illness’ for a moment as they connect with a loving relationship with the dogs. And how this in turn helps with their other relationships with family and friends. Whilst sometimes people can struggle to remember the names of family members, staff or even themselves, they often seem to remember the names of Dave and Higby. It must be love!

You can see the full story on our Flickr page here