A Vision…Dreams…Facts

5th October 2016 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Chancellors' Building
University of Bath
Claverton Down, Bath
Mrs Carolina Salter, I-SEE
+44 (0)1225 386156

On 5 October, the Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment will welcome Professor Michele Aresta, a pioneer in the chemistry of carbon dioxide, to deliver his David Parkin Visiting Professor Lecture.

This event will discuss the state-of-the-art in the area of utlilisation of carbon dioxide, a key enabling technology to address the challenges of top researchers.

Carbon dioxide-CO2 is considered the major responsible of Climate Change-CC due to its continuous accumulation in the atmosphere upon release from human activities.  As a matter of fact, its atmospheric concentration is grown from 270 ppm of the preindustrial era to actual 400 ppm. Whether such increase is directly responsible of CC or is only an alarm light has to be clearly demonstrated: several scientists are sceptic on this point. However, technologies for controlling the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere are under assessment since two decades, some of them have found implementation at various scales.

Noteworthy, Nature uses CO2 as source of carbon for the synthesis of a myriad of compounds, richer in energy. It is a great source of inspiration for a new synthetic chemistry based on CO2.

Recently, the concept “CO2 is a resource, not a waste” has received “momentum” and the utilization of CO2 as raw material for the synthesis of chemicals, materials and fuels is now a research theme that is receiving a lot of attention all around the world. Adequate investments are necessary.

The above concept has represented the firm convincement of my Research Group for over 30 years.

This talk will show that what was a Vision of a few is now shared by many, and how Dreams are becoming a Reality.

The event will start with a Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) sponsored symposium with presentations from top researchers in the area, including:

Dr Matthew Jones, Reader – Department of Chemistry, University of Bath, UK

Professor Peter Styring, Director of Research – Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK

Professor Peter Edwards FRS, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Oxford, UK

This will be followed by a poster session from the University of Bath’s CSCT and CASE PhD students.

Professor Michele Aresta’s lecture will be followed by his receipt of a honorary degree from the University of Bath. This honour celebrates both his outstanding working in the field and the University’s 50th anniversary.



This event is open to all. Please register your attendance in advance.


Target Audience

The CSCT symposium has a technical focus with the target audience being academics and industrial contacts. Professor Michele Aresta’s lecture is open to all.