Some see a crisis of trust. We see an opportunity for personable and straight talking leadership.

“Our research shows that in some organisations, trust is actually enhanced despite there being redundancies and restructuring. This is because these organisations either have excellent trustworthy leaders or invest in developing even stronger trust relationships with their community or their employees at that time.” 

Professor Veronica Hope Hailey, Dean of the School of Management.

Scandals surrounding institutions or individuals can destabilise public perceptions of trustworthiness. Our School of Management is helping to redress the balance and restore trust by supporting businesses to recruit and develop the next generation of straight talking leaders.

Working hand in hand with industry partners, Veronica Hope Hailey led a research team to explore what it takes to make us trust. Her findings underlined the importance of four foundational pillars of trustworthy leaders: ability, benevolence, integrity and predictability and she showed that it is possible for leaders and organisations to cultivate trust, even when public doubt and uncertainty are high.

This project is just one example of how our world class management research and consultancy is making an impact on policy and practice.

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